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October 13, 2006


Simon Thompson

Well oh well. What an interesting point, no one could remember what Russell said but they voted for him based on how they FELT about him.

Good to see that even for the planners their HEART beat their HEADS...... see, it is all about emotion.

Great event and for me, Russell was more than worthy of the award based on his perfect insight of the planners mindset and therefore how to win.

Make them feel they are important.

Long live creatives.


I can't argue with Ivan one bit (I think the multimedia barrage probably militates against communication of a clear message, though I'm not sure I really care) but if anyone is interested in what I did say I've stuck the key slides up here: (
Hopefully there's some thinking buried in there somewhere.

peter lloyd


Just heard through the grapevine (haven't seen Ad Age, March 5, World, p. 32 yet) that you wrote up something about online brainstorming as new and unique. Wait a minute! I've been doing it in a big way since 1994.

You must have missed Brainline (

All is forgiven, especially if you correct your sin.

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Great event and for me, Russell was more than worthy of the award based on his perfect insight of the planners mindset and therefore how to win

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Hey APG Campaign. Congratulations on a great event. Really enjoyed it. Classy. Learned lots, met loads of good people (old new) and relished the complete and utter humiliation of taking part. I agree with Richard that Russell was...

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